About Dream Coats Bengals

Growing up on a large Dairy farm in East Tennessee enabled me to have pets of all kinds in my childhood. My pets consisted of dogs, cats and rescued wild life. I had the opportunity to hand raise many animals as a child. I have been very blessed to have many wonderful pets. At the top of that list, has been our Bengals.

In 1997 I lost my Russian Blue of 20 years to cancer. I was beside myself and it took a while before I could even think of getting another cat. It had to be the right cat. I did research and came up with the cat I wanted, it was a Bengal. I talked to many Catteries and located one in a nearby state. I went there with the thought that I might not even get a kitten, but after seeing those little spotted beauties, I could not leave empty handed. That is when we got our Kashmir. Kashmir has been the most wonderful cat I have every been around. She is mild mannered, mild tempered, talkative and very loving. Once I got her, I made up my mind that when my husband retired from the Military, I was going to be a Breeder.

While we lived in Germany I was fortunate enough to get to know a German Bengal Breeder. I got advice on her ways and her thoughts about breeding. We are still in touch. I got our first Queen, Kumari from her. Kumari has been a delightful addition to our family of pets. She likes Kashmir and gets along wonderfully with our two dogs. We own a Golden Retriever and a Brittany Spaniel. Our cats play with the dogs as if they were dogs too. Sometimes the dogs beg them for a time out, since they are a bit older than our cats, but they all co-exist well together.

Our kittens are well socialized. They learn to co-exist with our dogs too. We start from day one giving them the love and tender care they will need to face their new homes. When our kittens leave our home they are on solid food, litter boxed trained and they have their shots. We try to get the kittens used to the world outside our home. We take them on rides to get them use to the car. We have freinds that come over to see the kittens once they start their shots. The kittens get use to different people around them. We guarantee our kittens for the first year of their life to be disease free and will take them back if they don’t live up to that promise and will replace them with another kitten.