Available Bengal Kittens for Sale

All our kittens have found their forever homes. If you’re interested in future kittens please contact me by filling out the form on our contact page.

  • One big thing to take note of is, never play rough with any kitten. Doing so encourages rough play and they could get too rough for you or any company you might have in your home.
  • A kitten should not be encouraged to bite either. These actions maybe cute in a kitten, but not in a larger cat.
  • A good kitten must learn that hands and fingers are not chew toys and you should not wrestle with them.
  • A scratching post is essential for a cat as it keeps them from scratching your furniture. A cat needs that scratching action for many reasons.
  • This is a natural thing. Since Bengals are so intelligent they are easily trained. You just have to be consistent and firm. All cats can be very self serving and will try to get everything their way.
  • They are not spiteful and will not misbehave just to upset you, but they do want their way.
  • It is best to think like a cat at times and figure out why your Bengal is doing what they are doing but never think you are bigger than they are and try to force control on any cat.
  • Never hit a cat; that can cause them to distrust and resent you. You don’t want to make your cat afraid of you.

To sum things up…..Bengals are wonderful animals to share your life with. Bengals just make life better.

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